Sustainability Mission

Here at East Ivy, we are committed to working towards a better planet for our little ones and generations to come. 

We are serious about reducing the amount of plastic waste we produce. Your products will be shipped to you in either a cardboard box or compostable shipping bag. And all your products will be carefully wrapped in paper rather than plastic. All our orders are shipped carbon neutrally via Australia Post.  

We thoughtfully source products that use natural materials such as cotton, wood and bamboo and are ethically made. And we only source from brands that have same vision and values as we do. 

Shop with us and make your purchase count towards something bigger! 


Some ideas for you to play your part 

  • Reuse our gift boxes (they make great storage or keepsake boxes)
  • Reuse or recycle our shipping boxes
  • Compost our shipping bags (remove the shipping label first) 
  • Reuse or recycle the paper your products come wrapped in
  • Use our wrapping paper and ribbons for regifting or create some fun craft activities with your little ones  
  • Compost the shredded paper fill found in our gift boxes 
  • If any of our products become redundant to you, consider paying it forward or donating them

We don't need a handful of people working towards a better Earth perfectly, we need everyone doing it imperfectly...