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Bamboo Suction Plate

Bamboo Suction Plate

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Our bamboo suction range of dinnerware is beautiful, environmentally friendly and highly-durable. Perfect for starting solids, the suction base keeps the plate in place as your little one navigates the world of food and self-feeding. As their skills develop, the suction base can be removed. 

Suction ring available in pale pink, pale blue or grey. 


  • Plate dimensions: 20cm diameter  
  • Plate is made using 100% FDA-certified bamboo, is treated using only plant-based oils and is naturally antimicrobial 
  • Plate is biodegradable/compostable 
  • Suction ring is made of 100% FDA-certified food grade silicone 
  • Both the plate and suction ring are non-toxic and do not contain BPA, lead, plastic or phthalates  
  • The suction ring works best on flat, clean surfaces


  • Do NOT use plate in the dishwasher or microwave
  • Silicone ring is dishwasher safe  
  • To clean, wipe over using mild soap and water and ensure plate is fully dry before storing 
  • Bamboo may fade with time and use. This is completely normal and not a fault with the product. To refresh, simply brush over with a cooking oil of your choice, such as coconut oil or olive oil. Let the oil sit for 30 minutes before wiping clean. Your plate will look as good as new. 
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