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Seasons of Mama

Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation Cards

Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation Cards

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Your body achieves what your mind believes. 

Designed to empower women to birth their babies in the most calm and confident way, this set of 31 beautifully hand-illustrated affirmation cards allow you to surround yourself in positivity and self-belief during your lead up to birth. Two cards are blank to allow you to write your own affirmations/mantra or perhaps get a loved one or soon-to-be older sibling/s to create one for you. 

Each set comes with a wooden card stand and packaged in a gorgeous drawstring keepsake bag. Display your affirmations in your wooden card stand and change as often as you desire, or display around your home in the places you frequent the most. 

These cards are a must have item for your birth preparations and hospital bag!   

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