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Peri Bottle

Peri Bottle

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The Peri Bottle is used for rinsing your perineum with warm water after you give birth. The small holes in the spout give you a gentle, targeted and continuous spray of water – offering relief from that awful sting if you're recovering from a tear, have stitches or are swollen. 

We're not going to sugarcoat it: your vag will be sore, possibly torn, possibly stitched, and going to the toilet will be uncomfortable. The Peri Bottle will be a LIFESAVER. After a c-section, the incision makes bending over difficult and mobility limited, so the peri bottle can help with cleanliness without putting pressure or soreness on the wound site. 

Pack our portable Peri Bottle in your hospital bag and use it in that first post-birth bathroom trip to make it less scary and easier, as well in the first few days and weeks after giving birth. Included is a carry bag so it can be discreet.

Also great to use to help clean yourself if you have haemorrhoids and during menstruation. 

Please don't put hot water into the Peri Bottle and always test the temperature before use. 

Size : 360ml

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