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Perineal Preparation Oil

Perineal Preparation Oil

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An all-natural certified aromatherapist formulated oil to help you prepare for birth. Massing the perineum can increase the elasticity in the skin, which in turn can protect against tearing - which can happen during birth and labour.

From about 35 weeks you can start preparing for your labour and birth with perineal massage 3 times a fortnight. 

Oil can continued to be be used on dry skin and stretch marks after birth.  

How to Massage?

Gently insert thumbs or 1-2 fingers, 3-5 cm into the vagina, and firmly sweep in a downward and side to side motion for five minutes, using our preparation oil for lubrication. You may feel a burning sensation that will reduce over time. Most women consider their partners involvement as positive. 

30mL bottle. 

Contains- Lavender and frankincense essential oil, sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil.

Make sure to always patch test on your skin before use and seek trusted medical advice with any concerns before use.

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